Adding a Pocket to your crochet hook holder 2

So in the first post I talked about adding a little pincushion to the Boye Crochet Holder. Today I will talk about adding a pocket to the out side of the pincushion.

So this is what you will need

your crochet hook holder






pencils from singer that wash out easily

supplies needed supplies 2


First you have to decide how big you want your pocket to be. I wanted mine to be huge so I made mine to be 12×12

measuring 1 line where to cut


You can see that I drew a blue line where I needed to cut the fabric. You dont have to draw the whole line, I did it because I don’t cut a straight line all that well.

I cut two squares of the colorful fabric you see and then two squares of some plain off white broadcloth to use as a liner.

Here they are pinned together.

pocket cut out with lining


I decided to pin the pieces together in a pocket shape figuring it would be faster. I don’t know if that is the correct way to make a bag/pocket but thats how I ended up doing. it.

pinning 2


Essentially I pinned 1/4 inch all the way around. The photo above is not the correct pinning. That was my first attempt at pinning the pocket all together.

sides pinned


This photo is a better example of what I did. turned the pocket inside out and pinned along three of the edges.

pocket all sewn


You can not see it but here I have sewn all three sides of the pocket and am ready to turn it right side out.

positioning pocket


Since my pocket was so large I had to pleat it at the bottom so it would not hang over the side. I tried to make sure that it was centered. I did not get out the ruler and double check to make sure it was perfect. You can if you want to its all in how you want the finished product to look.

close up pin to bag and pleating


I stuck a pin in what looked like the middle to me and started making little pleats. Again I do not mind it not being perfect so I did not use a ruler to ensure equal pleats.

pleating close up


Here it is all done. My poor old pins are all bent up so they are not holding the pleats down really well but you get the idea.

pocket all ready for sewingpocket edges pinned 2


I rolled down the open end and pinned it so that I could sew it later.


pocket pinned ready for sewing


This is how it looks when the pocket is folded back exposing the pincushion. I will finish sewing this and post pictures of the finished product so stay tuned!

Baby Clothes Memory Quilt

I have a box stuffed in the cabinet of our house right now that has my daughters baby clothes, my baby clothes and my step-daughters baby clothes. I saw recently that people will turn tshirts in to memory quilts and it gave me the idea to do that with all the baby clothes. One blanket for each person (i kept a lot of stuff from my girls and my mom kept a lot of my stuff) so i figured that it should be enough to make a decent sized blanket for each of us and worst case scenario I would have to buy a few fat quarters to fill in if it wasn’t enough to make a decent size quilt.

So next I started researching trying to find a pattern figuring that I couldn’t be the only one with this bright idea. Well if anyone has thought of it I sure haven’t found a pattern or much of an explanation on how to do it. I dug out my trusty nook and started looking for quilting books because I have never made a quilt in my life. I found a couple of good books, Create your own free-form quilts- it talks about sewing strips together and then worrying about making it square later. I also started reading Quilting the complete guide which talked about the basics of quilting and helped me figure out how to quilt by hand.I decided how hard could it be really? I am a smart woman I can figure this out! So I am diving in and have started laying out all of my daughters clothes to map out the quilt. Here are a few photos from my mapping sessions so far. I have decided that I will do a series of posts on my progress to try and help those out there that want to do something similar. As I said before I have never quilted before so I may not do things correctly, if you see something I could do better or different please feel free to comment and let me know, this is a dynamic project and any input will be greatly appreciated! Wish me luck we are on an adventure now!
close up layout feb 14 13 layout feb 14 13 layout feb 14 13.2

Adding to my Boye Crochet Hook Holder

I am one of those people that is always adding to things that I have and this is certainly no exception. I had added one pocket to my little Boye Crochet Hook Holder because I often carry more then just my hooks. A small set of scissors, measuring tape and stitch markers are in that current pocket. Now I have decided that I need a pincushion and another pocket for thread. So I decided to make it in to a tutorial in case you want to do the same.

This post will just address the steps taken to make the pincushion the next post will be the pocket 🙂

Materials you will need:

a crochet hook holder that you already have, I am using the boye one that I got from Micheals

one piece of cloth that is one inch larger then your holder on all sides

some poly fill to stuff the cushion

needle and thread


Here is the outside without anything done to it.
boye holder
First thing I did was cut a square piece of fabric an inch larger then the bag. I pinned it down to the bag on three of the sides.
slide 2slide three
 I added Velcro to both outer sides so that I can attach the pocket later. I then took black thread and sewed down the three sides I had pinned. slide 4
Then it was time to stuff a little poly fill into the little pocket. I didn’t fully stuff it to make sure I could still sew on the last piece of Velcro
slide 5
I sewed on the last piece of Velcro on and then sewed down the last side of the pocket stuffing a little more poly fill as I finished so it felt evenly stuffed.
slide 6
That’ s it now you have a little pincushion for whatever you need. Have fun creating it!
slide 7

Catching up

So I haven’t posted a darn thing in a very very long time! It has been a busy last few weeks, between the holidays and starting to help Redwings Horse Sanctuary with their new website I have not had much time for my blog or business  Well all of that is gonna change. I figure if I keep trying and working hard to promote my business and add more items the closer I will get to a successful business and maybe even opening my own brick and mortar shop.

So an update on my current crochet projects, I am currently working on the photo blanket and it seems to be coming out the way I saw it in my mind. I had to do a few tweeks along the way but for the most part it is coming along nicely. I have started making a triangle shawl out of some super warm wool and I think I am going to trim it in a brown and blue boulce yarn that I have a little bit left of. I finished my daughters leap pad cover and game holder. It turned out better then I could have ever imagined! I will add the photos of it at the end of this post.

I have been practicing taking photos and have managed to take a few that I am really proud of so I have started selling them on Etsy. We will see if anyone but me enjoy them.

My other new project is learning to quilt. I have bought a book and have another I am hoping to buy soon. I had kept all of my daughters baby clothes (well all the cute ones I loved anyway) and my step daughters baby clothes and my mom saved all of mine. The plan is to make each of us a memory quilt using the baby clothes. I know that there are patterns out there for it but true to me I am planing to make my own pattern. I know that most quilters would recommend trying an easier pattern for my first but I am determined to try anyway. I may try a small table runner or something just so I know I can do it without screwing up but I tend to be overly excited and usually jump in anyway. lol I will post pictures of my progress as I go.

Hmmm other then that I am trying to finally start creating my wedding album now that our fourth wedding anniversary is coming in a few days I figured it might be time lol.

Wow I have a lot going on…..stay tuned great things are coming!

five mustang reflectiondodger lb and miragemistang rollingskull bagskull close upinner pocketinside main pocket

Emma’s leap pad cover





What started out as a day job has turned into many hours of work lol. Not that I’m complaining lol. So here is my update on my sweet daughters leap pad holder. I have the pocket half done now just have to sew two more sides on it 🙂 and then on to figuring out how I want it to hold the actual leap pad. The pocket was intended more for the games and little accessories she will use with it. But hey I’m getting somewhere! 🙂



This is a picture of one if my favorite horses Coco. He is a high spirited friendly guy that used to race. He suffered an injury and was no longer useful so no longer wanted. I now work with him doing massage therapy trying to help his alignment and pain. He is wonderful to work with and is a huge goofball. I think this is one of the best pictures I have gotten of him. I think this may be one of the pictures I use for my photo blanket projects 🙂

Christ,mas projects

This year I didnt make anything for anyone because I simply ran out of time:( But I am going to start a new design and work on my photo blanket today. I have to pick two projects to work on at a time from now on cause I have some many WIPs its disgusting lol. Thank you add. Anyway the two projects I am going to work on are going to be the photo blanket and a cover for my daughters leappad 2. Hopefully I will make more progress on them if I stick to just two lol. Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday! I am looking forward to making cookies with my daughter tonight for Santa. 🙂